The Old No 7 - Market Hill - Barnsley


Timmermans Kriek - 4%, 33cl bottle.

Brewed just outside Brussels, cherry lambic blend is given further fermentation by addition of fruit, originally cherries local to the area, which after conditioning gives a pronounced cherry flavour and almondy dryness to this beer.


Timmermans Strawberry - 4%, 33cl bottle.

A strawberry flavour without sweetened saturation - a real feeling of freshness and a consistant taste that evokes the perfumes of a lovely summer! Fruity rather than sweet.


Timmermans Framboise - 4%, 33cl bottle.

Faithfully reflecting the colour and flavour of ripe raspberries with no trace of the acidity of lambic.  This wonderful flavour reaches it's peak with an intensely fresh aftertaste.


Timmermans Peach - 4%, 33cl bottle.

A mature beer with a powerful fruit aroma.  Sweet and fruity aroma with just a hint of bitterness from the peach kernel and skin.


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