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For such a small country, Belgium has an astonishingly wide range of breweries and beer styles, which is extremely good news!


Vedett Extra White - 4.7%, 33cl bottle. Surprisingly crisp with a lemon and orange zest, mildly bitter with a dry finish, brewed by Duvel Moortgat, a brewery in Breendonk-Puurs, near Antwerp.


Vedett Extra Blond - 5.2%, 33cl bottle.  A premium pilsner, alive with a vibrant and crisp taste.


Orval - 6.2%, 33cl bottle.  Trappist brewery located within the walls of the Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval in the Gaume region. Light in color and slightly cloudy, Orval has a complex aroma of leather, spice, and many other earthy components.


Wesstmalle Dubbel - 7.0%, 33cl bottle.  A dark, reddish-brown beer with a creamy, fragrant head.  The flavour is rich and complex - herby and fruity with a fresh bitter finish.  Brewed by the Wesstmalle Trappists.


Wesstmalle Tripel - 9.5%, 33cl bottle. A clear, golden yellow beer with a fruity aroma and nuanced hop scent. An exceptional beer.


La Chouffe - 8%, 33cl bottle.  From Brasserie d'Achouffe in the Belgian Ardennes. An unfiltered blond beer which is re-fermented in the bottle.  Pleasantly fruity, spiced with coriander, and with a light hop taste.


Duvel - 8.5%, 33cl bottle.  Brewed by a Flemish brewery founded in 1871,this classic golden beer has a subtle fruitiness and distinctive delicate taste. An extremely popular beer, exported to over 40 countries.

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