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The United States is, quite rightly, enjoying a wonderful reputation for producing some of the finest craft beers from independant brew houses.


Anchor Steam Beer - 4.8%, 35.5cl bottle.

Brewed in San Francisco since 1896, Anchor Steam Beer has a bronze colour with a thick creamy head. The palate is full and malty with a beautiful bitter hop aroma - a unique beer universally recognised as a world classic that can trace it's roots back to the Gold Rush era.


Brooklyn Lager - 5.5%, 35.5cl bottle.

Brewing commenced at the Brooklyn Brewery in 1988. Since then, Brooklyn Lager has won numerous awards for it's flagship beer.  A superb balance of sweet malt and crisp bitter hops. This beer is dry hopped (the centuries old practice of steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation) to enhance the aromatic qualities.


Snake Dog IPA - 7.1%, 35.5cl bottle.

Brewed in Maryland at the Flyind Dog Brewery, this IPA has a big cirtus (notably grapefruit) hop aroma and flavour and caramel malt notes.


Snake Dog Raging Bitch - 8.3%, 35.5cl bottle.

Brewed to commemorate Flying Dog's 20th anniversary, Raging Bitch has a sweet malt body contrasting with pine and grapefruit hop flavours and exotic fruit notes.


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