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A country with a long and rich brewing heritage, German breweries produce a rich variety of beers including pilseners, weißbier, schwarzbier and Kölsch, many of which have strongly influenced brewing around the world.


Erdinger Weiss - 5.3%, 50cl bottle.

Founded in 1886 in Erding, Bavaria, the Erdinger Brewery brew all their beers in accordance with the strict Bavarian Purity Law. Erdinger Weissbier is not only the undisputed classic in the Erdinger product range, it is also quite simply the wheat beer par excellence.


Erdinger Dunkel - 5.6%, 50cl bottle.

This dark wheat beer is rich and smooth with a chocolaty taste and aroma. It owes its full-bodied flavour to the fine hops and dark malt used in its production.  ('Dunkel' translating as 'dark').

Frűh Kölsch - 4.8%, 50cl bottle.

A style distinctive to Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany. The name Kölsch is (like champagne) protected by law so that only beers brewed in and around Cologne can bear the name.

Frűh Kölsch is pale, straw-coloured and clear with a delicate and refreshing taste.  It is less bitter than a Pilsner, gently fruitier and a little sweeter, often with a delightful biscuityness.


Veltins Pilsener - 4.8%, 50cl bottle.

Regarded as one of the finest examples of a German Pilsner. Veltins is brewed in Sauerland, near Dortmund to the German Purity Law of 1516.

Using natural spring water from its own mountain, Veltins has a superb delicate dry and clean palate with a fine carbonated body that gives a slight bitterness with a light citrus finish.






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